Tuesday, 12 September 2017

JMS' new Head Office opens at Brightwell Barns

It's a long way from Woodbridge School to Brightwell Barns. Not geographically of course, but in terms of a career for Daniel Staines and the growth of his Brightwell based business, the journey has been a long and industrious one.

After studying A-Level Engineering at Woodbridge School, Daniel opened his first Civil & Structural Engineering office in 1997 with his wife Anna-Maria Staines.

It has grown from a single fax machine on the landing of their home into a thriving business of over 40 employees networked across offices in East Anglia, the Midlands, London, Manchester and Thessaloniki in Greece.

Now, in 2017 - JMS celebrate their 20th anniversary by moving into their new offices at Brightwell Barns. Unusually, wearing their Civil or Structural Engineering hats (hats, hard, building for the use of) where they were key partners in the design of this unique and award-winning office setting.

Phase 5 has just been completed including the construction of their own new Head Office.

Not only does the location take advantage of the Suffolk countryside, Brightwell's sustainable office buildings have been constructed to include some of the latest green initiatives to the benefit of both the environment and occupiers. Design is centered on efficiency, creating a more productive workplace through healthier, happier occupants.

Part of the drainage systems includes a rainwater harvesting system. Here, natural rain water and grey water are harvested in a sympathetically landscaped pond and gardens. It is collected, filtered and reused for the internal grey water system.

Office lighting had been well considered and executed. It combines the maximum use of natural light through window materials and positioning, together with high quality energy efficient internal lighting triggered by infra red motion detectors.

 As well as positioning the windows to maximise natural light, they are double glazed and filled with argon gas. This carries less energy between the panes of glass, controlling the heat in and wasted heat out. Being frame built, the walls can take more insulation, making winter and summer extremes more efficiently manageable.

From this 'naturally' industrious setting, JMS regional offices and their staff network an internal systems-driven support structure, providing a comprehensive service for civil and structural engineering design and project management. Projects are managed by teams local to the development for hands on interaction with the assets employed on the build.

Smaller activities are resourced locally but bigger projects can (and do) seamlessly draw on the technical skills at other offices if necessary.

Create, innovate, automate is the JMS mantra.

It is the core message Daniel extends to each member of the JMS team and has clearly been the foundation of his success. History has been one of efficient growth and the future is bright at Brightwell Barns.

"We are just a few miles from Ipswich and the heart of commercial growth and infrastructural development in East Anglia..." said Daniel Staines.

"The new offices allow for the high level recruitment needed to fulfill our own growth plans for the region and across the country."

 "As well as many developments in Ipswich itself, we are heavily involved in the civil and structural engineering support of Port One, St James Park, the 750,000 sq ft warehousing development just outside Ipswich.”

“This is intended to support freight transport across the 'Golden Triangle' to the Midlands and north. And we are positioned centrally and regionally to follow the building projects such growth will naturally feed."

We add value to every project we have been,
are, and will be equally proud to support.

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