Friday, 8 September 2017

JMS 20th Anniversary - 'from Woodbridge School to Brightwell Barns ... the long way'

The 1st September marked the 20th Anniversary of JMS and with it, family, staff and client celebrations.

It's a long way from Woodbridge School to Brightwell Barns. Not geographically of course, but in terms of a career for Daniel Staines and the growth of his Brightwell based business, the journey has been a long and industrious one.

In 1997, Daniel and Anna-Maria Staines founded JMS Consulting Engineers Ltd. It has grown from a single fax machine on the landing of their home into a thriving business of over 40 employees networked across offices in East Anglia, the Midlands, London, Manchester and Thessaloniki in Greece.

Despite head offices in Brightwell and extensive Civil and Structural engineering presence in Ipswich and throughout Suffolk, because of the geographical distribution of their growth, the party was held at the Devonshire Club, a stone’s throw from Liverpool Street.

It was a splendid location for such an occasion - a real family occasion. Talking to staff with an ever full glass of prosecco and constant flow of delicious finger food, they really did feel like part of the family.

"Daniel has set the business up so that we all have opportunities to grow with it and benefit from it" said Andy Kenyon, whose tenth anniversary with JMS happened to be the same week. 

In a short but heartfelt speech, Daniel referred to the borrowed fax machine on the landing of their house that started things off 20 years previously. He also explained why JMS was so named. There are many three letter abbreviations forming company names throughout the country, usually partner abbreviations or merger foreshortenings. 

But JMS was different and is different, profoundly...

 ...JMS represents Daniel and Anna-Maria's three sons: Joseph Staines, Michael Staines and Samuel Staines. With the family at their heart, is it any wonder the staff feel part of it.

Happy Anniversary JMS.

We add value to every project we have been,
are, and will be equally proud to support.

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