Wednesday, 19 April 2017

To the Polls - or is that to the Poles !

Will a stronger government give us a stronger Brexit ?

The unexpected announcement by Theresa May to call for a general election on 8th June has been welcomed in most quarters. The City particularly reflected a resounding 'hoorah' as the pound's value strengthened in response to the news.

It does add yet another level of uncertainty to the future of Britain as we will effectively be without a government for a month or so as Brexit deals teeter on the brink.

But it suggests a stronger base from which to negotiate after 8th June, given a stronger, commercially astute management board at the helm.

Mr Corbyn has welcomed the news, although like the ugly ducking in the river he'll be paddling like mad below the surface. Sir Vince has rules out any prospect of a Lib / Lab pact.

Nicola Sturgeon has thrown her bagpipes out of the pram saying 'but I wanted an election first - it's so unfair' (seemingly). And Mrs May has stopped any idea of a televised beauty pageant - so we could be dealing with facts not fiction for a change.

Ian Barber - director of communications at the Advertising Association said: "Our big message to government is that our sector is a case study in what our country needs post-Brexit".

His point - as is ours (Daniel Staines), is that core industry sectors (like ours) need the government focused on some tricky negotiations based around access to talent. "It's in no one's interest to come up with an immigration policy that undermines a global success story."

They criticise the U-Turn that led to the Prime Minister's announcement of the snap election. No such criticism here - it's simply tactical skill in a strategy of strength. You can't negotiate if you can't govern; and you can't govern without a majority.

Theresa May is facing MPs as we close this piece. They should vote in support of the election and at 16 points ahead in the polls, it points to a positive majority for the Tories.

Just thinking aloud - Daniel Staines.

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