Tuesday, 28 March 2017

High rising professionalism with IStructE – inspired by Andy Kenyon

https://jmsengineers.co.uk/Andy Kenyon (right) leads the East Midlands team of JMS and was Chairman of IStructE East Midlands until handing over to Steve Swindale (left) of Swindale Associates at the Chairman’s Installation Dinner on 10th February this year.

In its own words, “the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to the art of science and structural engineering”.

With 27,000 members in 105 countries it is internationally recognised as a source of expertise and information concerning all issues involving structural engineering and public safety. 

It supports and protects professionalism within the industry, upholding professional standards and acting as the global voice for the qualities of structural engineers.

The IStructE President, Ian Firth (above centre), was guest of honour. During the formal part of the evening’s procedures he thanked Andy for his year in office and handed over the ceremonial chain of office to Steve.


Part of the institution’s remit is to nurture and support students from the earlier years of merely considering structural engineering as a career possibility, through the studious and vocational years that build their professional commitment.

Andy and his team chose this as their focus for his year in office, extending the institution’s dedication to professional standards, competence and recognition. Qualification is not just a ‘cash-for-letters’ exchange (that’s just membership!).

Qualification is a lengthy process first to build a portfolio of representative structural engineering projects, then to pass a 7 hour exam (which has a mere 30% pass rate). Both require hard work and guidance.

Mentoring student aspiration is no small task. We know, because it is a major part of the national JMS ethos conceived by Daniel Staines and thankfully shared by the whole JMS team.

Part of a regional chair’s role is to sit on the Council that forms the central body of IStructE. 

Here, Andy was able to represent issues arising from the regional technical meetings and professional review meetings, both of which form the essence of regional office activity.

Young Members Group (Midlands) in action
In his outgoing speech, Andy thanked his committee members for their support, in particular Chris Leese (also of JMS) for his work with young members. This focussed on the development of the regional Young Members Group, which Chris leads. Efforts here delivered a 30% increase in student membership in the year and an 11% increase in membership overall. 

Chris is also on the committee for Young Members in London, showing the efforts IStructE is making to encourage, develop and welcome fresh blood and professional insight into the world of Structural Engineering. 

The future?

Every town and city in every country across the globe is growing and will continue to do so. If we're not building towards to skies, we're sub-structuring towards Professor Lidenbrock's very core (Jules Verne). 

From Lidenbrock's discovery of giant mushrooms, to global desire for giant structures, materials are constantly changing as technology demands more. 

The physical laws and empirical knowledge, which are key to structural engineering theory, must move in time with changing material performances and geometries.  

IStructE ?  High rising professionalism - indeed.  

Many thanks to Andy Kenyon for his valuable contribution to this blog.  
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